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Over the past fifteen years, the popularity of the panther chameleon has grown dramatically.  Prized for its dazzling array of colors and interesting behavior, the panther became highly desired by chameleon hobbyists since first imported from Madagascar to the US in the 1980s.  

Our Panther Chameleons; males typically have a body length of 12 to 18 inches while females are slightly smaller at 10 to 14 inches.  The  panther chameleons usually weigh between 60-180 grams depending on sex.


We are a small breeder and specifically hand select our chameleons to be bred.  When clutches arrive, we usually nurture and keep baby chameleons until they

are at least three months old before they are available for sale.

Contact us directly to inquire about chameleons that are currently available for purchase.

Meet Atlas!

Say Hi to Atlas, my current breeder, the most unique panther chameleon I've ever seen!

After looking for months nationwide, we bred Atlas to the two finest yellow body blue bar Panthers we could find.  He's been paired with Violet (from Jonathan Hill's Jude/Alah) and Medusa (from Bobby Ruddock).  His babies should be like no other!

Atlas was produced here at Sunset Chameleons by his parents, Waldo and Dora.  He came from their third clutch in 2019.  We KNEW then he was something special!  Atlas has more bars than most Panther chameleons and they are very prominent. He is absolutely stunning with his yellow highlights, blue bars, and orange, green, and red face.

Atlas has had a couple girlfriends around here... His first; Violet,  then Medusa.  Both are showing fine lineage in their first clutches.

Speaking of clutches... Atlas has SIX clutches hatching right now!  Stay tuned for new babies!



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