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Chameleons ??

1. Do you ship chameleons? 

Yes. We ship anywhere in the country. We currently don’t ship any outside of the US. 

2. How long does it take to get one? 

We ship them at sunset here in Columbia SC and they arrive at your nearest Fedex Hub before they open. So you pick them up as soon as your hub opens and you should be less than 20 minutes from your house. 

3. Do you get to pick your chameleon? 

Yes. You’ll see pictures and probably videos of your chameleon before you pick them. You pick your exact chameleon. 

4. Why are males more expensive than females? 

Male Ambilobe Panthers are typically much more colorful than the females and their colors range from green, black, blue, orange, yellow and red. The females are gorgeous though too with their pinks, violets and usually extra sweet personalities. 

5. Are chameleons friendly? 

They can become very tame and friendly when handled with care. Many are skittish for their first few months, but usually most of them calm down and become great at being handled. You shouldn’t handle them too long or often though as this can stress them out. All of my adults are extremely friendly. Except Medusa. She lives up to her name. Lol!

Feeders ??

1. How do they attach to the enclosure? 

If it’s a screened enclosure, our feeders are equipped with two sets of dual pins. Those go through your screen and a locking backing holds the feeder tight against the screen. If it’s a glass enclosure, we recommend to mount the feeder to a shelf, rail, large branch or in some cases, even a large vine can work. They can literally be used in any setup.

2. What size feeder do I need?
For Panther and Veiled we recommend large 4" diameter feeders. Even if they're young, they will grow into them. If you have size questions, please message and ask. 

3. Do you offer discounts for multiple orders?

Yes, if you buy 3 feeders... the 4th feeder is 50% off.

4. Do you sell them wholesale?

No, unfortunately because of the way these are each hand crafted... There is no way for us to be able to sell wholesale at this time. 

5. How long after I order will it take to receive my feeder?

If you order a feeder that we have in stock, it will ship out within a few days. Depending on the number of orders and our workload, that time can grow.  If you order one not in stock, it really depends on how busy we are. But usually the same week you order. 

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